We Offer Quality Full and Affordable Service For You.

At Affordable Home Health Services we understand how important it is for you to select a home health care company that fits your / your patient's needs. That's why we always work with our clients to carefully asses their need and provide plan of care which always fulfill their needs.

With more than 1000 home health companies in North Dallas, here are few reasons why hundreds of patients, physicians .

Case managers always choose Affordable Home Health as their provider: :

  • Excellent communication with Physicians and referral sources..
  • Helps Physicians to bill home health services.
  • Provide care as ordered by physician.
  • Provide instant feedback on patient admission, progress and discharge.
  • Coordinate with physician, patient and patient's family to develop best treatment and plan of care.
  • Client satisfaction survey conducted by Fazzi, a Medicare Contractor, reported to CMS stated that Affordable Home Health is better in patient satisfaction and patient care than most agencies in North Texas..
  • 99% clients are satisfied with our care.
  • 97% of case managers repeatedly use Affordable Home Health.
  • 93% of physicians love our care, patient progress report and communication.